The Canadiana Project is a web series and virtual hub for all things Canadian history. Our mandate is to encourage greater knowledge and appreciation of Canadian history through the creation and distribution of Canadian history edu-tainment that is free and accessible to all Canadians.


Canadiana is a documentary series on the hunt for the most incredible stories in Canadian history. Featuring playful animations and scenic footage, the series follows host Adam Bunch as he travels across the country, exploring the tales that have made Canada the unique place it is today. From scandalous love triangles to secret experiments, from rebels and freedom fighters to pirates and assassins, we uncover the fascinating and the unexpected. This isn’t the history you learned in school.

Canadiana was created out of a desire to do Canadian history the right way, and in doing so bury the phrase "Canadian history is boring," because it's anything but. Too often history is crammed (or stretched) into an arbitrary broadcast length—we want each story to take the time it needs, and no more. We passionately believe that Canadians actually are interested in their history. They’re eager to learn more about it — the good and the bad — as long as it’s told in an innovative and engaging way. And that’s what we’re dedicated to doing.


The Canadiana Project is produced by Unlikely Pear Productions, a Canadian studio dedicated to exploring and promoting Canadian history through digital content accessible to all Canadians. The Canadiana series began filming in early 2017 and now consists of over a dozen short documentary films, available free on the Canadiana website and YouTube channel.

In 2018, Unlikely Pear was awarded The Bell Fund’s short-form digital series grant for Canadiana’s second season. The team has been nominated for best documentary series by numerous festivals; their work has screened at Yorkton Film Festival, National Screen Institute’s Online Film Festival, NYC Web Fest, Miami Web Fest, HollyWeb Festival, Sicily Webfest, T.O. Webfest, and also in schools across the country thanks to representation by McIntyre Media, Canada’s leading educational distributor.

In 2019, the team won a Golden Sheaf Award for Best Research, a Canadian Cinema Editors Award for Best Editing, and the IWCC Canadian Story Spotlight Award.


Episodes of Canadiana are made possible by audience donations on Patreon. Canadiana Season 2, which premiered in 2018 and consists of eight episodes, is supported by a generous grant from The Bell Fund. For information on how to contribute or become a sponsor, please visit our SUPPORT page.