The Canadiana Project is the production studio behind Canadiana, a documentary series and virtual hub for all things Canadian history. Its mandate is to encourage greater knowledge and appreciation of Canadian history through the creation and distribution of Canadian history edu-tainment that is free and accessible to all Canadians.


Canadiana is a digital documentary series that follows host Adam Bunch as he makes his way across the country in search of the most incredible tales in Canadian history. From Halifax Harbour to Vancouver Island, from major cities to secluded towns, Adam digs up the mind-blowing true stories that contribute to Canada’s unique identity, and presents them in a way that is relevant, engaging, and accessible.

Our mission is to make videos that entertain and engage Canadians with the stuff you don't always learn about in history class. We cover the highs and the lows, the heroes and the villains, and everything in between. We aim to release videos once a month with runtimes between 5 to 15 minutes. We've chosen to do this as a web series because we want to build a free and accessible tapestry of stories. Too often history is crammed into an arbitrary broadcast length—we want each story to take the time it needs, and no more. And rather than a linear series, we want to create an interconnected web of stories that will continue to grow indefinitely.


Episodes of Canadiana are made possible by audience donations on Patreon. Canadiana Season 2, which premiered in July 2018 and consists of eight, monthly episodes, was supported by a generous grant from The Bell Fund. For information on how to contribute or become a sponsor, please visit our SUPPORT page.